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Run LINQ queries - or any C#/VB/F# expression/program Yes Yes
Results to rich text or data grids Yes Yes
Automatic translation to SQL, fluent-lambda and IL Yes Yes
Reference your own assemblies Yes Yes
Use custom extensions, visualizers and data source providers Yes Yes
Full C#/F#/VB autocompletion and tooltips Yes
Smart tags for importing additional namespaces/references (C#/VB) Yes
Code outlining and auto-formatting (C#/VB) Yes
Rename symbol, go to definition and find references (C#/VB) Yes
Built-in and custom code snippets Yes
Cross-database querying for SQL Server Yes
Directly edit database tables in grids and save changes back to database Yes
Full NuGet integration Yes
Override method completion, abstract class and interface implementation Yes
Integrated debugger, with call stack, threads, local variables/watch windows, breakpoints and single-stepping Yes
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Unlock the Power of the Programmer’s Playground


LINQPad's autocompletion includes everything that you depend on:

  • Member lists & completion, with list filtering and "camel humps"
  • Parameter listing
  • Quick info
  • Code outlining
  • Smart tags for importing additional namespaces and references (C#/VB)
  • Automatic code formatting (C#/VB)

Autocompletion works not only with LINQ queries, but with the entire C#/F#/VB language.

Power Tick

LINQPad’s unique Power-Tick lets you select multiple properties, when creating anonymous types in C# or VB, without closing the popup. This is a massive time-saver.

Smart Tags

When you enter an unresolved type, LINQPad instantly scans all .NET assemblies and offers a smart tag to add the namespace and assembly reference. And you don’t even have to get the casing correct!

Code Snippets

Access your favorite Visual Studio C#/VB code snippets, plus a dozen unique high-productivity LINQ snippets - as well as any custom snippets that you define.


Use code fixes such as override method and implement interface/abstract class to boost your productivity.

NuGet Integration

LINQPad's integrated NuGet Package Manager puts the entire NuGet ecosystem at your fingertips.

Edit SQL Data in Grids

Open database tables for editing, and save changes back to the database. The Premium edition also includes the ability to write cross-database queries - just control+drag additional databases from the Schema Explorer onto your query!


Best of all, the Premium edition includes an integrated lightweight debugger. Single-step through your scripts, set breakpoints, and examine local variables! The debugger works with all CLR languages: C#, VB and F#.

Flexible Activation Policy

We know that you’ll want to use LINQPad on your work machine, home machine and laptop, so we’ve allowed a single-user license to activate up to three machines at once for your personal use. You also get an additional three activations for virtual machines running VMWare, MS Virtual PC, Hyper-V, Azure Roles, or Azure VMs. And when they’re all used, you can transfer your activations - up to 6 times a year - through an automated web app.

No extra downloads are required: just click Upgrade to Paid Edition on LINQPad's help menu, and enter your activation code.

You’re in Good Company

More than 50,000 customers use a paid edition of LINQPad, including 30 Fortune 100 companies and four of the world’s largest banks. The biggest corporate user is Microsoft, who have also been instrumental in helping with the product. The free edition has been downloaded more than three million times.