Supplementary Data Context Drivers

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IQ Driver - for MySQL, SQLite, Oracle

by LINQPad, Matt Warren, WiCKY Hu Version 2.1.4

Download Driver - (download again to update the driver)

This LINQPad driver leverages Matt Warren's IQueryable toolkit and supports MySQL, SQLite and Oracle. Everything you need is included: no extra drivers or downloads are required (you don't even have to install the Oracle client). Querying functionality is almost on par with LINQ to SQL, and updates are supported. Plain SQL queries work, too. This driver does not alter your machine configuration or GAC.

Matt Warren's IQueryable Toolkit (C) Microsoft Corporation (used under Ms-PL license). Oracle IQ Provider by WiCKY Hu (BSD License). ADO.NET providers for MySQL and Oracle by DevArt.

Entity Framework Core (EF 7) Driver for LINQPad 5

by LINQPad

NB: Your EF Core project in Visual Studio must target .NET Standard 2.0 or .NET Framework - not .NET Core!. For .NET Core and .NET 5+ support, please use the built-in driver in LINQPad 8.

Download & Enable Driver for EF Core 2.x (download again to update)
Supports all versions of EF 2.x.

If you're stuck on EF 1.x, choose one of the following:
     EF 1.1.2 EF 1.1 EF 1.0

Third-Party Drivers

The following drivers contain executable code that is written, maintained and published by parties outside the control of LINQPad.