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Beta: LINQPad v4.53.15

Integrated Debugger Preview for LINQPad Premium Users

*** Recent updates to the debugger include the ability to debug asynchronous functions, new options to step all threads in/over, and improved performance with large arrays and result set views. There are also general stability improvements.

This build features a lightweight integrated debugger for C#, F# and VB scripts. The debugger attaches to your query process on the fly as needed (i.e., when you add breakpoints, enable Break on Exceptions, or click Pause). Otherwise, the debugger stays detached and executing a query with F5 remains equivalent to 'Start without debugging' (Ctrl+F5). The debugger is fully asynchronous and includes windows for Threads, Call Stack and Locals. There's also a Watch window for simple expressions (variables, properties, fields, non-generic methods and simple operators). Additionally:

Please use the built-in bug reporting tool to report exceptions, and the LINQPad Forum for feedback and suggestions. Let me know if there are any missing features that you'd particularly like.


Download LINQPad Beta for Framework 4.x
Download LINQPad Beta for Framework 4.x (Any CPU)*

*The AnyCPU build lets you access all available memory, but you can't reference assemblies built only for X86.

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