LINQPad Pro and Premium Editions

Purchase an activation code and unlock a wealth of extra features, including autocompletion, code snippets, code outlining, cross-database querying, NuGet integration, the ability to directly edit SQL data, and even an integrated debugger!

LINQPad's autocompletion includes everything that you depend on:

Autocompletion works not only with LINQ queries, but (almost) the entire C# 5.0 language specification:


LINQPad's unique Power-Tick lets you select multiple properties without closing the popup. This is a massive time-saver:

Power Tick

When you enter an unresolved type name, LINQPad will instantly scan the entire .NET framework and offer a smart tag to add both the namespace and assembly reference for that type. And you don't even have to get the casing correct! For example, if you type protecteddata, LINQPad will offer a smart tag that imports the System.Security.Crytopgraphy namespace and adds a reference to System.Security.dll, and corrects the case to ProtectedData:

Smart Tags

The Premium edition also enables your favorite Visual Studio code snippets, plus a dozen unique high-productivity LINQ snippets - as well as any custom snippets that you define:

Code Snippets

And with the Premium Edition, you can write cross-database queries - just control+drag additional databases from the Schema Explorer onto your query! The Premium edition also unlocks NuGet integration, so you can effortlessly reference anything in the entire NuGet library:

NuGet Integration

And you can open SQL tables for editing, saving changes back to the database:

Edit SQL Data in Grids

***NEW*** A premium license now unlocks an integrated lightweight debugger in the latest LINQPad beta. Single-step through your scripts, set breakpoints, and examine local variables!


Click here for a side-by-side comparison of the Pro and Premium editions.

No extra downloads are required: just click Activate Autocompletion on LINQPad's help menu, and enter your activation code.

Single-User Autocompletion License

(See below for multi-user licenses)

Purchase an autocompletion activation code via a credit card or PayPal, and be running in less than a minute. Your code will activate up to three computers at once (for use by a single user). Purchase the Premium Edition while the new integrated debugger is in beta, and get the debugger, with updates, for free!.

Purchase Single-User Autocompletion License

Install on up to 3 PCs + 3 virtual PCs
For use by a single user only - see below for multi-user licenses
30-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

Over 20000
50 countries

Name under which to register LINQPad:

Purchases made from January 1, 2015 are eligible for a free upgrade to LINQPad 5 (for C# 6.0), when released later this year.

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Use of LINQPad is subject to the (very minimal) terms of the EULA.
Payments shown in USD.

Please note:

See the Licensing FAQ for more information on licensing. Click here if you've already purchased and have lost your activation code.

Multi-user, Team and Enterprise Licenses

A multi-user license is $45 per user (or $75 for the Premium edition), and is ideal for organizations with two or three users. Each user can activate autocompletion on up to three computers + three virtual PCs.

A 10-user team license is $250 (Pro Edition) or $450 (Premium Edition) and can activate up to 25 computers in total (for use by up to 10 people within an organization).

An enterprise license is $450 (Pro Edition) or $750 (Premium Edition) and can be used by any number of people within a company.

An educational license is $150 (Premium Edition) and can be activate up to 200 computers per year within a university or educational institution.


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You can upgrade to LINQPad Pro to LINQPad Premium here.

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