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Download LINQPad 5 for .NET Framework 4.6
Download LINQPad 4 for .NET Framework 4.0 / 4.5
  • Super-lightweight setup
  • Standard edition free (no expiry)

LINQPad 5 runs side-by-side with LINQPad 4.

If you have a paid edition of LINQPad 4, please read the licensing notes.

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The AnyCPU builds default to X64 rather than X86.
Current release versions: 5.10.0 / 4.58.0

Latest Beta (RC4)


  • LINQPad now supports C# 7 (and the latest VB compiler)! Go to the Samples tab for a walk-through of the new features of C# 7.
  • In Query Properties (F4), there's a new button to export referenced DLLs to a folder. This includes all NuGet assemblies, and can be convenient when migrating to a Visual Studio project. It also includes XML documentation files if present.
  • There's a new checkbox in the SQL advanced connection properties dialog to map XML columns to .NET strings instead of XElements. This allows you to query tables with malformed XML without error.
  • LINQPad now supports NuGet packages that include native dependencies (such as libgit2sharp, System.Data.SQLite, and any other package whose native DLLs reside in a folder path that includes one of the following standard strings: \x86\, \win-x86\, \win7-x86\, \x64\, \amd64\, \win-x64\ or \win7-x64\). If the package is already in LINQPad's local cache, you'll need to download it again for the new functionality to take effect.
  • Support for dumping IAsyncEnumerable has been improved, in line with IObservable.
  • NuGet source settings have now been portablized.


  • In RC3, the C# 7 compiler now supports 'discards'. Refer to the built-in samples for a demo.
  • Support for referencing an explicit version of FSharp.Core.dll is more robust, and binding redirects are now generated if needed.
  • A bug in picking up the default query config file, when automatic binding redirects are present, has been fixed.
  • The NuGet package downloader now works correctly when the most recent package is unlisted.
  • A bug preventing the execution of F# scripts via Util.Run has been fixed.
  • Multidimensional arrays with non-zero bounds can now be dumped.
  • Copying/pasting into data grids is now more reliable.
  • A potential race condition when calling Util.Run in a loop has been fixed.
  • Custom stored procedures in the master SQL Server database now show their parameters correctly (click Refresh for this to take effect).
  • When you create custom snippets and unselect namespaces and references, the underlying query is no longer effected.
  • When creating SQL connections, the 'User Instance' option is now always unselected when switching to localdb.
  • When using LPRun or Util.Run in text output mode, the JSON formatter now works correctly when you dump with a heading.
  • The Hyperlinq class now works correctly when dumping a file-based URI that contains spaces.

Download LINQPad 5.22.1 RC4 (Standard X86)
Download LINQPad 5.22.1 RC4 (Any CPU)

LINQPad 5 vs LINQPad 4

LINQPad 5 targets .NET Framework 4.6 and includes the following major new features:

  • Full support for C# 7 and VB 15.
  • Background code-checking - both parsing and binding errors show with red squigglies. Resolved symbols display in turquoise, and unresolved symbols in red. Compilation is quicker, because most of the work is done in advance.
  • (Pro/Premium Editions) Automatic code formatting, 'Rename Symbol', 'Jump to Definition', and 'Find References'.
  • (Pro/Premium Editions) Autocompletion for VB, including member listings, parameter info, quick info, background compilation, smart-tags, and auto-formatting.
  • (Pro/Premium Editions) Autocompletion for F#, including member listings, parameter info and quick info.
  • Built-in F# compiler (so fsc.exe is not required) with full F# autocompletion.
  • Built-in Roslyn Syntax Tree Visualizer. The syntax tree for your query appears automatically as an output tab, and you can invoke it programmatically with .DumpSyntaxTree() or .DumpSyntaxNode().
  • Authenticated feed support within the NuGet package manager.

If you own a Pro or Premium edition of LINQPad 4, LINQPad 5 is a paid upgrade.


LINQPad standard edition is free to download and use.

LINQPad is not an open-source product and the source code is protected by copyright laws.  Nonetheless, you are free to disassemble the executable to satisfy your curiosity. The author provides no warranties, and accepts no liability for direct or consequential damages. Read full EULA

Licensing Notes on LINQPad 5

If you purchased a paid edition of LINQPad 4 prior to 1 January 2015, you'll need to purchase an upgrade to use the paid features of LINQPad 5. You can find out here whether your license covers V5, and the cost of upgrading. Upgrade discounts are available for a limited time, and further discounts are available right now to raise the user count or edition.