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Download LINQPad 5 for .NET Framework 4.6
Download LINQPad 4 for .NET Framework 4.0 / 4.5
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  • Standard edition free (no expiry)

LINQPad 5 runs side-by-side with LINQPad 4.

If you have a paid edition of LINQPad 4, please read the licensing notes.

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Current release versions: 5.05.02 / 4.58.0

Latest Betas

The latest LINQPad 5 beta includes the following new features and bug fixes:

  • You can now include assembly attributes in C# Statements/Program queries.
  • Each query can now have its own app.config. Go to Query | App.config to specify a file or XML config data.
  • (Developer/Premium Editions)You can now create and edit snippets that include code and fields (as well as references, namespace imports and configuration settings). From the editor context menu, choose Create/Edit code snippet, or click 'Save as Snippet' from the Query Properties dialog, and you will be prompted for information to include.
  • You can now choose a dark theme. Go to Edit | Preferences and select 'Dark Theme' on the first tab.
  • There's now a LINQPad driver for Entity Framework 7. Click Add connection and then View more drivers.
  • The NuGet local package folder can now be overridden in LINQPad Nuget Package Manager | Settings. This can be useful in avoiding a PathTooLongException. LINQPad also now shortens NuGet folders with names longer than 40 characters, to lessen the chance of this exception.
  • This build includes NuGet v3.4.4 which allows for packages that specify the same dependencies over different target frameworks.
  • The DumpSyntaxTree and DumpSyntaxNode extension methods for Roslyn syntax trees now work with all versions of Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.
  • LINQPad now supports Active Directory authentication for SQL Azure connections.
  • The DataGrid results view has been improved in how it displays hyperlinks with collections and null values.
  • Ctrl+W now closes the current query tab.
  • There are new code snippets when right-clicking on tables in Schema Explorer for OrderBy(...).Take(100) and OrderByDescending(...).Take(100).
  • Support for portable/shared installation has improved: click here for details.
  • When dumping sequences that throw exceptions, the partially enumerated sequence is now dumped.
  • The 'exclude' option when calling Dump has been enhanced to let you to exclude all members except for ones that you specify. To use this mode, prefix the list with a plus sign.
  • You can now toggle all graph columns in rich text output via the extenser (right-arrow) in the header.
  • The editor performs better with large queries.

Download LINQPad 5.08.00 Beta (Standard X86)
Download LINQPad 5.08.00 Beta (Any CPU)

Notes on LINQPad 5

LINQPad 5 targets .NET Framework 4.6 and includes the following features:

  • Full C# 6 / VB14 support, including string interpolation, expression-bodied functions, exception filters, nameof, static imports and the new 'Elvis' operator.
  • Background code-checking - both parsing and binding errors show with red squigglies. Resolved symbols display in turquoise, and unresolved symbols in red. Compilation is quicker, because most of the work is done in advance.
  • (Pro/Premium Editions) Automatic code formatting, 'Rename Symbol', 'Jump to Definition', and 'Find References'.
  • (Pro/Premium Editions) Autocompletion for VB, including member listings, parameter info, quick info, background compilation, smart-tags, and auto-formatting.
  • (Pro/Premium Editions) Autocompletion for F#, inclduing member listings, parameter info and quick info.
  • Built-in F# compiler, so fsc.exe is not required. Parsing errors are shown as you type. Autocompletion is on the way!
  • Built-in Roslyn Syntax Tree Visualizer. The syntax tree for your query appears automatically as an output tab, and you can invoke it programmatically with .DumpSyntaxTree() or .DumpSyntaxNode().
  • Authenticated feed support within the NuGet package manager.

If you own a Pro or Premium edition of LINQPad 4, LINQPad 5 is a paid upgrade.


LINQPad standard edition is free to download and use.

LINQPad is not an open-source product and the source code is protected by copyright laws.  Nonetheless, you are free to disassemble the executable to satisfy your curiosity. The author provides no warranties, and accepts no liability for direct or consequential damages. Read full EULA

Licensing Notes on LINQPad 5

If you purchased a paid edition of LINQPad 4 prior to 1 January 2015, you'll need to purchase an upgrade to use the paid features of LINQPad 5. You can find out here whether your license covers V5, and the cost of upgrading. Upgrade discounts are available for a limited time, and further discounts are available right now to raise the user count or edition.