LINQPad Data Context Extensibility Model

With LINQPad's Data Context extensiblity model, you can add support for other databases and querying sources. In other words, you can write a plug-in that displays your own 'Add Connection' dialog  and then shows custom objects in the Schema Explorer:

Custom Data Context Driver

The process of writing a data context driver is fully documented:

Documentation and Samples

What's new:

  • The documentation has been updated to cover both LINQPad 6 (for .NET 5 and .NET Core 3) and LINQPad 5 (for .NET Framework).
  • You can now dual-target driver projects to support both LINQPad 6 and 5.
  • Publishing a driver for LINQPad 6 is now as simple as uploading a NuGet package. No further steps or approval is required!

Download documentation

Download sample project

Download script to create skeleton project