Upgrade LINQPad License

Already own a paid edition of LINQPad? This page handles every kind of upgrade:

  • Update your LINQPad V5 license to LINQPad V6 (and V7)
  • Update your LINQPad V4 license to LINQPad V5+V6+V7
  • Upgrade from LINQPad Pro -> Developer -> Premium
  • Add users to your existing license
  • Upgrade to a Team or Enterprise edition
  • Any mixture of the above!

You can even upgrade your V6 license to V7 in advance of V7's release.

You can also use this page to check what kind of license you have.

All upgraded licenses include a free update to LINQPad 7 when released in November 2021

Step 1: Fetch Existing License Details

Your old activation code(s):

Use spaces to separate multiple codes. You can mix and match old and new licenses.
LINQPad will calculate an overall trade-in value and your new license will combine everything into one.