LINQPad 5 - Release Notes

LINQPad 5 targets .NET Framework 4.6/4.7/4.8.

What's New in 5.44

  • Parameter autocompletion now provides listings when calling base() and this() from the constructor.
  • Autocompletion tips on extension methods now include markup for the receiver.
  • LPRun now always uses UTF-8 text encoding instead of the Windows default.
  • The editor's Navigate Back feature Ctrl+Minus is now robust to text changes.
  • Customizations to the results style sheet can now be portablized.
  • There's a new Collapse all but this option on the connection treeview's context menu.
  • There's a new hotkey Alt+Shift+Y to toggle the enabling of 'My Extensions' for a query.
  • LINQPad can now dump objects with exception-throwing type or property attributes.
  • Pointer-type fields or properties are now automatically dereferenced when dumping.
  • LINQPad now supports Azure Synapse Analytics databases.
  • LINQPad now ships with ILSpy 6.2.
  • The Navigate to Query dialog (Ctrl+,) now includes a clickable Last Modified column.
  • Util.Highlight now has additional overloads for consistency with LINQPad 6.
  • A UI bug when canceling async queries has been fixed.
  • A bug in Util.Dif with extra list elements not highlighting has been fixed.
  • A bug when calling Util.Dif with Observables has been fixed.
  • The hotkeys for Copy/plain and Copy/markdown down work reliably.
  • Data grids with 3-state checkboxes now export correctly to Excel with "True" and "False".
  • The editor no longer adds spaces to blank lines when indenting a block.
  • A potential deadlock in Util.Run, which could cause it to hang, has been fixed.

What's New in 5.43

  • LINQPad 5 now lets you search for prerelease packages in custom ProGet feeds.
  • The 'Open in SSMS' feature is now more robust and works with the latest SSMS versions.
  • There's a new Util.WithHeading method to let you dump non-toplevel objects with headings.
  • You can now reliably dump HTML that contains a <script> tag - either via the Util.RawHtml method, or LINQPad's Literal control:
    var literal = new LINQPad.Controls.Literal ("script", "function foo(x) { alert(x) }").Dump();
    To invoke a Javascript function from your C# query:
    literal.HtmlElement.InvokeScript (true, "foo", "test");
    To help with debugging, you can write to LINQPad's output window from a script as follows:
    LINQPad 6 has additional features to help with scripting, including the ability to inject scripts and styles into the <head> element.
  • A memory leak that would sometimes surface when keeping LINQPad running over long periods of time has been fixed.
  • A bug which would sometimes cause the 'Add Namespace' and 'Implement Interface' code fixes to fail has been fixed.
  • A StringBuilder fragmentation issue that can lead to poor editor performance after a long series of edits has been fixed.
  • An intermittent ArgumentOutOfRangeException when dumping to data grids has been fixed.
  • A parameter autocompletion bug when extension method classes are present has been fixed.

Download LINQPad 5 - Standard X86

The standard X86 build lets you reference 32-bit assemblies.

Download LINQPad 5 (installer)
Download LINQPad 5 (xcopy-deploy)

Download LINQPad 5 - X64

The 64-bit build ("Any CPU") lets you use all available memory.

Download LINQPad 5 X64 (installer)
Download LINQPad 5 X64 (xcopy-deploy)

LINQPad 5 - Latest Beta

What's new:

  • A bug when joining SQL tables whose key column names differ only in case has been fixed.

Download LINQPad 5.45.0 (Standard X86)
Download LINQPad 5.45.0 (Any CPU / X64)