LINQPad 6 - Release Notes

LINQPad 6 targets .NET Core 3 and .NET 5 for Windows. Should you need to reference .NET Framework assemblies, you can run LINQPad 5 side-by-side.

Download (RTM)

Download LINQPad 6 - installer (X64 + X86)
Download LINQPad 6 - xcopy-deploy (X64 + X86)

If you download the xcopy-deploy build, you'll need to install .NET Core 3 for Windows (either the SDK or Desktop runtime). There's a utility inside the zip to download it for you.

Download (Latest Beta)

Click here for the latest beta.


LINQPad 6 requires .NET Core 3.1 or .NET 5. You can get this in any of the following ways:

  • Run the LINQPad 6 Setup, which will guide you through installing it
  • Run the utility that ships with LINQPad (Download .NET Core.exe)
  • Install it from here (choose Desktop Runtime x64 or the SDK)
  • Install the latest Visual Studio 2019

For Licensed Users

To enable the Pro/Developer/Premium features of LINQPad 6, you'll need to upgrade your license to Version 6 if you have a LINQPad 5 license. Your new license activates all versions of LINQPad on your machine.

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New Features in LINQPad 6


LINQPad 6 - Latest Beta

New Features

  • There's now a dedicated LINQPad Help button on the main menu to search the LINQPad Tutorial and Reference.
  • (Experimental) LINQPad can now use Edge's Chromium engine to render results. To enable, go to Edit | Preferences > Results. Benefits include sticky table headers, correct double/triple click behavior, and the ability to emit custom HTML and JavaScript that leverages the latest standards. Note that to use the Chromium engine, you must either have a relatively recent version of Edge installed, or install the WebView2 runtime.
  • (Experimental) LINQPad 6 now lets you target the .NET 6 preview. (Full support for .NET 6 RTM will ship in LINQPad 7.)
  • Live execution tracking is back! LINQPad now tracks asynchronous operations and worker threads, as well as the main thread. You can enable/disable live execution tracking via an option on the Query menu. Pressing Shift+Ctrl+J jumps to the currently executing code. Click the Ctrl+F1 Help button and type 'execution tracking' to see demos.
  • LINQPad's Util.Compile method now performs better when a compilation is cached and Run is called concurrently. It also now faults anystanding tasks when disposed.
  • The code editor's split button above the vertical scrollbar is now larger and better rendered.
  • You can now view all queries in the Navigate To dialog (Ctrl+,), by clearing the search box.
  • By setting the LINQPAD_LOCALAPPDATA and LINQPAD_TEMP environment variables, you can now override the %LocalAppData% and %Temp% folders that LINQPad uses for compiling queries and executing updates. This can be useful if Windows group policy prevents applications or assemblies from loading from the %LocalAppData% or %Temp% folders.
  • There's a new sample on how to use Bing Maps with HTML. Click the Ctrl+F1 Help button and type 'maps' to see a sample.

New Features - Database Querying

  • LINQPad's EF Core driver now supports EF Core 5 with Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL, and the EF Core 6 preview with SQL Server and SQLite.
  • The EF Core driver for Oracle now lets you map NUMBER(1) to Int32 instead of bool, via a new checkbox on the connection dialog.
  • The EF Core driver for MySQL now supports the JSON data type.
  • The EF Core driver for SQLite now lets you map DateTime and bool types via new checkboxes on the connection dialog.

Bug Fixes

  • An obscure bug that could prevent you from querying a linked SQL Server with a lower feature set than the main server has been fixed.
  • When a custom EF Core assembly file is locked, LINQPad now avoids generating IOException errors except when a query is run, or a schema is expanded.
  • A memory leak that could occur when nesting DumpContainers has been fixed.
  • The LINQ-to-SQL driver now correctly maps columns whose names contain square brackets.
  • When connecting to custom Pomelo.MySQL 3.x data contexts, a "cannot locate type" error that would sometimes appear has been fixed.
  • You can now reference NuGet packages and assemblies whose filenames end in .resources, whether or not they are satellite assemblies.
  • Moving the instruction pointer when debugging is now more reliable.
Download LINQPad 6 Beta

LINQPad6.exe is for X64
LINQPad6-x86.exe is for X86
Current beta version: 6.13.13

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