LINQPad 6 - Release Notes

LINQPad 6 targets .NET Core 3 and .NET 5 for Windows. Should you need to reference .NET Framework assemblies, you can run LINQPad 5 side-by-side.

Download (RTM)

Download LINQPad 6 - installer (X64 + X86)
Download LINQPad 6 - xcopy-deploy (X64 + X86)

If you download the xcopy-deploy build, you'll need to install .NET Core 3 for Windows or .NET Core 5 (either the SDK or Desktop runtime). There's a utility inside the zip to download it for you.

Download (Latest Beta)

Click here for the latest beta.


LINQPad 6 requires .NET Core 3.1 or .NET 5. You can get this in any of the following ways:

  • Run the LINQPad 6 Setup, which will guide you through installing it
  • Run the utility that ships with LINQPad (Download .NET Core.exe)
  • Install it from here (choose Desktop Runtime x64 or the SDK)
  • Install the latest Visual Studio 2019

For Licensed Users

To enable the Pro/Developer/Premium features of LINQPad 6, you'll need to upgrade your license to Version 6 if you have a LINQPad 5 license. Your new license activates all versions of LINQPad on your machine.

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New Features in LINQPad 6


LINQPad 6 - Latest Beta

New Features

  • You can now play with the latest experimental C# 10 features straight from the Roslyn Daily build server! Go to Edit | Preferences > Query and choose "Use Roslyn Daily build". After enabling, go to LINQPad's samples tab and expand the What's new in C# 10 node for a demo. Note that this is a preview: RTM support for C# 10 will ship in LINQPad 7.
  • LINQPad's handling of .txt, .json, .xml and .sql files has improved. These file types now show in the My Queries tree, and are enabled for syntax highlighting and outlining. Auto-formatting also now works for .json and .xml files, and can be triggered either via Ctrl+E,Ctrl+D or the new toolbar button.
  • There's a new option in the EF Core connection dialog to ignore column default values when inserting rows.
  • LINQPad's setup and automatic updater now populates the version for the benefit of Windows Add/Remove programs and winget.
  • You can now consume NuGet packages with "net5.0-windows" targets.
  • LINQPad's Dump pipeline now recognizes JsonNode objects.
  • Tables created by SQL Server when a merge conflict occurs during replication are now recognized by LINQPad as system tables.
  • You can now permanently suppress the "// You can include other methods and classes" comment when switching to C# Program mode, via a smart-tag.
  • When dumping images, you can now specify a size for the image as follows:
    // Assuming myBitmap is a System.Drawing.Image:
    myBitmap.Dump (Util.ScaleMode.ResizeTo (100, 100));    // Scale to 100x100 on browser
    You can specify just the width or height if you want to preserve the aspect ratio. You can also use ScaleMode when calling Util.Image:
    Util.Image ("", Util.ScaleMode.ResizeTo (100, 100)).Dump();
    Specifying Util.ScaleMode.Unscaled attempts to bypass local DPI settings and render the image pixel-to-pixel.
  • For methods and constructors that are overloaded, overloads marked with [EditorBrowsable (EditorBrowsableState.Never)] now show in gray in parameter completion listings.

Bug Fixes

  • The Generate Method code fix now works in Statements mode.
  • A bug in the autocompletion listing when accessing an indexer that follows an invocation has been fixed.
  • When selecting members for an object initializer, choosing * no longer duplicates members.
  • A bug in LINQPad's HTML controls where text could be wrongly escaped has been fixed.
  • A memory leak when updating complex content inside DumpContainers has been fixed.
Download LINQPad 6 Beta

LINQPad6.exe is for X64
LINQPad6-x86.exe is for X86
Current beta version: 6.15.9

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