LINQPad 6 - Release Notes

LINQPad 6 targets .NET Core 3 for Windows. This means that your queries run under the .NET Core 3 runtime, and you can reference .NET Core assemblies. You can run LINQPad 5 side-by-side for .NET Framework compatibility.

Download (RTM)

Download LINQPad 6 - installer (X64 + X86)
Download LINQPad 6 - xcopy-deploy (X64 + X86)

If you download the xcopy-deploy build, remember to install the .NET Core 3 Windows SDK (3.0.0) (or the 3.1 Desktop package). There's a utility inside the zip to download it for you.

Download (Beta)

Click here for the beta.


LINQPad 6 requires the .NET Core 3 Desktop Runtime (or .NET Core 3 SDK). You can get this in any of the following ways:

  • Run the LINQPad 6 Setup, which will guide you through installing it
  • Run the utility that ships with LINQPad (Download .NET Core 3.exe)
  • Install it from here (choose Desktop Runtime x64)
  • Install the latest Visual Studio 2019

For Licensed Users

To enable the Pro/Developer/Premium features of LINQPad 6, you'll need to upgrade your license to Version 6 if you have a LINQPad 5 license. Your new license activates all versions of LINQPad on your machine.

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New Features in LINQPad 6


LINQPad 6 - Latest Beta

What's New:

  • LINQPad 6 now supports .NET 5 release-candidates. You can also now choose what runtime to use per-query via new dropdown in the toolbar, as well as setting a default in Edit | Preferences > Query.
  • The "Roslyn Daily" download is no longer required to enable C# 9 preview features. Just go to Edit | Preferences > Query and tick the Enable C# 9 Preview checkbox.
  • Stored Procedures with table-type parameters are now supported by LINQPad's default LINQ-to-SQL driver.
  • LINQPad now includes a built-in method to perform Active Directory interactive and MFA authentication under .NET Core, so that you can script Azure management tasks without storing passwords or access tokens:
    string tenantID = "(your Azure tenant ID)";
    string token = Util.ActiveDirectory.AcquireTokenAsync (
    This returns an access token which can then be used with the Microsoft.Azure.Management.Fluent NuGet package to script Azure management tasks:
    var tokenCredentials = new TokenCredentials (token);
    var azureCredentials = new AzureCredentials (tokenCredentials, tokenCredentials, tenantID,
    RestClient client = RestClient.Configure()
                                  .WithEnvironment (AzureEnvironment.AzureGlobalCloud)
                                  .WithCredentials (azureCredentials)
    string subscriptionID = "(your Azure subscription ID)";
    IAzure managementAPI = Azure.Authenticate (client, tenantID).WithSubscription (subscriptionID);
    Access tokens are cached within the LINQPad host process, so you should never have to re-authenticate (unless you restart LINQPad). Click here for a complete example, demonstrating how to use this API to configure an Azure firewall.
  • LINQPad now supports Azure Synapse Analytics databases (including the recent preview).
  • Customizations to the results style sheet can now be portablized.
  • There's a new hotkey Alt+Shift+Y to toggle the enabling of 'My Extensions' for a query.
  • LINQPad can now dump objects with exception-throwing type or property attributes.
  • The Oracle EF Core driver now filters non-user-generated columns, and can use the latest Oracle provider beta.
  • You can now enable SQL-translation logging in EF Core DbContexts that you explicitly instantiate by calling the extension method EnableLINQPadLogging.
  • LINQPad now ships with ILSpy 6.1.
  • Pointer-type fields or properties are now automatically dereferenced when dumping.
  • A bug in Util.Dif with extra list elements not highlighting has been fixed.
  • The hotkeys for Copy/plain and Copy/markdown down work reliably.
Download LINQPad 6 Beta

LINQPad6.exe is for X64
LINQPad6-x86.exe is for X86
Current beta version: 6.10.10

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