LINQPad 6 - Release Notes

LINQPad 6 targets .NET Core 3 and .NET 5 for Windows. Should you need to reference .NET Framework assemblies, you can run LINQPad 5 side-by-side.

Download (RTM)

Download LINQPad 6 - installer (X64 + X86)
Download LINQPad 6 - xcopy-deploy (X64 + X86)

If you download the xcopy-deploy build, you'll need to install .NET Core 3 for Windows or .NET Core 5 (either the SDK or Desktop runtime). There's a utility inside the zip to download it for you.

Download (Latest Beta)

Click here for the latest beta.


LINQPad 6 requires .NET Core 3.1 or .NET 5. You can get this in any of the following ways:

  • Run the LINQPad 6 Setup, which will guide you through installing it
  • Run the utility that ships with LINQPad (Download .NET Core.exe)
  • Install it from here (choose Desktop Runtime x64 or the SDK)
  • Install the latest Visual Studio 2019

For Licensed Users

To enable the Pro/Developer/Premium features of LINQPad 6, you'll need to upgrade your license to Version 6 if you have a LINQPad 5 license. Your new license activates all versions of LINQPad on your machine.

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New Features in LINQPad 6


LINQPad 6 - Latest Beta

New Features: IL translation tab

  • The contents of the IL tab now update as you type.
  • Decompilation to C# 1.0 now appears alongside the IL. This is useful in seeing how the compiler implements modern C# features at a high level. And by hoving or clicking on the code, you can see the corresponding IL instructions.
  • X64/X86 native disassembly is also now displayed. This synchronizes with the IL when you hover or click, and refreshes immediately when you toggle the Optimize button on the toolbar or change the target framework.

Bug Fixes

  • LINQPad's debugger now properly handles value-typed constant fields.
  • LINQPad's editor outlining now works consistently in C# Statements mode.
  • Execution times are now displayed for asynchronous queries that fault.
  • When an asynchronous sequence is cancelled, it now shows as faulted.
Download LINQPad 6 Beta

LINQPad6.exe is for X64
LINQPad6-x86.exe is for X86
Current beta version: 6.14.5

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